• Once per month we will prepare a detailed comprehensive progress billing statement which will include the current contract amount, current monies spent, cost to complete and percentage complete.
  • Weekly or bi-monthly we will conduct site meetings with the owner or their agent and consulting professionals.
  • At an early stage in the project we will prepare a projected critical path schedule for all activities by the owner, architect, engineer and all trade contractors. We will closely monitor the schedule during construction and be responsible for providing all parties a periodic status report with respect to that schedule.
  • We will provide to the owner a list of vendors for their selections along with dates those selections need to be confirmed by.

  • We will recommend a schedule for the purchase and expedition of long-lead items to ensure their delivery by the required dates.
  • We will provide to the owner all subcontractors submittals consisting of finishes and interpretation of all building materials for approval.
  • We will review the CD’s with the owners consultants ( Architect(s), Engineer, Int. Designers) to eliminate areas of conflict or overlapping in the work to be performed by various trades.
  • We will start the process for required shop drawings needed for construction.

We will advise, consult, assist and make recommendations to the Owner, the Architect and Engineer on all aspects of the planning during the Design Development phase.

We will review the Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Design Development documents (DDs) as they are being developed. We will advise and make recommendations regarding construction feasibility, possible economies, availability of materials, time requirements for procurement of those materials and labor for construction and projected costs. We will assist in the coordination of all sections of the drawings and specifications, without assuming any of the Architect’s or Engineer’s normal responsibilities for design or structural specifications.

We will prepare a ball-park estimate based on a quantity survey of the DDs at the preliminary state of development. We will continue to review and refine these stages of estimates as the development of the plans and specifications proceeds. If it appears that the budgeted targets for the project costs and/or completions will be met, we will prepare a final cost estimate once the Construction Documents (CDs) have been completed. The final cost estimate will take 3 – 4 weeks to generate. If necessary, we will make value engineering recommendations and generate a final costs estimate. Any additional cost estimates will be billed at current market rate.

Your home is a sanctuary to you and your family which requires a high level of commitment to maintain its well-being for those who call it home. Hagen Colbert would like to offer our high level of commitment to you by maintaining your home’s original structural and cosmetic integrity, healthy home environment, mechanical systems maintenance and general well-being.

We also offer services to rebuild or repair following disasters like a burst water pipe, a tree limb crashing through your roof or any other unforeseen misfortune. Hagen Colbert is also a full service general contracting company and can help you with remodels, additions and new custom homes. At this time we are not a 24/7 emergency service but for those types of emergencies we can provide contacts to dependable and reputable services. For those who need us to conduct a weekly or bi-monthly inspection walk-through we can accommodate that as well. We will customize our services around your specific needs and base our fees accordingly.

An example of services offered

  • Fireplace and chimney inspections – annual
  • Run all house systems – periodically
  • Roof & gutter inspections – semi annual
  • Interior finishes inspections – ongoing
  • Door & window inspections – ongoing
  • Pool maintenance – ongoing/managed
  • Landscaping inspection – ongoing/managed
  • Janitorial services – ongoing/managed
  • Window cleaning – periodically/managed
  • Driveway inspection – annual – repairs managed
  • Sewer & septic system service – managed
  • Erosion inspection – annual
  • Pressure washing – as needed
  • Siding & exterior trim inspection – annual