At Hagen  Colbert we strive to listen to your needs and desires. After all, we’re building your house, not ours. We become the conduit by which your design team and consultants converts your dream into the environment you call home. We are passionate about the entire building process from design development to construction including building long lasting relationships. We practice an “open books” policy and don’t burden you with excessive paperwork.

At Hagen Colbert it is our desire to bring our seventy-plus combined years of building experience and know-how to a single focal point: You, our client, every time. That focus is ignited by hearing your dream, understanding the vision, and applying our passion to what we love, building creative environments you call home.

Hagen Colbert brings strength to our clients’ team of consultants, designers and architects. We become the avenue by which this pool of talent can see the fruition of their skills go from concept to reality. Successful projects are the result of skillful communication. A well-built home comes from those who understand and enjoy executing their skills and are pleased to be a part of a successful, goal-oriented team. We will always strive to create a clean and healthy working environment where our people can easily follow the path of efficiency. With this ethic comes the result of quality and timeliness. After all, perfection does not fly off an assembly line; our approach to achieving perfection is to employ the best craftsmen, build with the finest products, use time-proven practices, techniques and the latest technologies.

Our Green Philosophy

The new buzz word in the building industry is Green, which means something different according to whom you ask, prompting us to believe that Green Building is still evolving.

As your builder, it’s important for you to know what it means to us and our commitment level to it. God has entrusted us with the resources of this earth and to care for this land, and we aim to do our part. In all our projects we strive to do the three R’s; Recycle – Reuse – Reduce, which are the basic building blocks for everything we at Hagen Colbert consider to be Green.


The use of reclaimed timbers or wood for flooring can add beauty and character to a home and sustainability to the environment we live in.


We love using engineered lumber which was once considered a waste product from the lumber mill, or wood waste which was at one time a structure.


We pride ourselves on keeping a mindful eye during the design-and-build phases which keep that footprint to a minimum.

These are just an example of our day-to-day building practices. Each project has its own variation of those practices. In the end our goal is to hand you and your family the keys to a healthy home.

Someone once said that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.